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this is one of the first forums that lets you RP about Rune Factory, this forum is new and new players start with 10000 G so please join
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 How to play (Semi-pro edition)

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How to play (Semi-pro edition) Empty
PostSubject: How to play (Semi-pro edition)   How to play (Semi-pro edition) I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 22, 2016 1:55 pm

Now with the basics out of the way. you see the little plus next to the dice, Well you can add another dice. Saing you can do more than one thing per day. though watch out the order you Place them. because it will be read as such
If you water before planting anything... that water will go to waste
And so on

remember you have 100 rolls per day. Difficulty is rewarded with money

Woodcutting is the easiest job out there so it is easy to do so its market value is down (recomended with people who can't afford any loss

Mining might seem the same as woodcutting BUT ITS NOT. There are way more chances to fail at this one. You don't lose money BUT there is a slim chance of making some

Fishing- pure luck based upon Fishing rod VS fish

Farming- if one overlaps the other it becomes a problem so this one is the hardest of em all and mostly a big loss of rolls if overrolled

Fighting is not implemented yet because its more important to Get the other... easier things out of the way so people can play Easy and Fast.
Do come back here once the update is announced

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How to play (Semi-pro edition)
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