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this is one of the first forums that lets you RP about Rune Factory, this forum is new and new players start with 10000 G so please join
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 Return of the Forum Shortly

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PostSubject: Return of the Forum Shortly   Return of the Forum Shortly I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 21, 2016 2:23 am

The forum will return as a whole, lots of thinking went into this project and things will be more balanced from now on. NO MORE DAILY TAXES AND NO MORE RESTRAINT ON ACTIONS

you can act as many times as you like, do as you like but you must keep the rolls at 10 per posts
Everyone starts with 10K gold but the prices of a tool is 10K (farming counts as 1 set)
Everyone will start with a basic set of items.

The forum will change alot from now on

Everything will be in motion soon
Next update will be on friday

See you guys soon and have lots of fun

For now Only woodcutting will be available for now
Do bare in mind that the new mechs will be added so don't go see your wood now

For Info what you roll in wood cutting is what you get/chop
Meaning if you roll a 5 you get 5 logs. Depending on quality of tools you will get some money

Mining will work with a code system, saying 1 is Scrap and 2 is iron and such

Fishing is more tricky you have to roll 2 sets of dices. if you have higher than the ''fish'' dice you catch it Times the quality

Farming is an even bigger challenge. Since here its 10 rolls per post. 10 posts makes a day go on by. so you have 100 rolls per day. after 3 days its another season. so watch out as you have to ''dig'' ''plant'' ''water'' ''harvest''

If you don't know ''dig'' is so you can plant 1 crop there
''plant'' is planting the crop BUT watch out if you don't have enough holes you will waste the seeds on the ground and be eaten by birds
''water'' simply waters the plants if you don't water each plant carefully you won't be able to harvest them correctly. you can water the same plant as many times with no side effects. thus letting you go with that as a safe roll. You can only harvest crop that were watered the day before

HARVEST IS THE DEVIL'S ROLL. Harvest  is something that can affect if you under or over roll. If you under roll the crops in the dirt will perrish after the day is done. if you over roll You got too excited and Destroyed some of the non harvestable crops in the process.

But the money is always there

The shop will be up and runing soon as items will be desplayed and Dices will be made before Friday

A special 50% off will be given to New members until further notice. it will be writen in the ''shop'' post if its still on
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Return of the Forum Shortly
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